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Wood Duck House

Available in Cedar!

Wood Duck House
Wood Duck

The wood duck feels at home in both woodlands and water. They have long been regarded as one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The wood duck often returns with her mate, to her birthplace year after year for the raising of her brood. The fledglings, anywhere from 8-14 in number, are as handsome as their parents. Young ducklings leave the nest soon after hatching and leap, sometimes as far as 50 feet to the ground, where their mother waits to take them for their first swim. Their diet consists of aquatic plants, nuts, fruits, insects, small fish, and crustaceans. By the early 20th century hunters had almost wiped out the wood duck. Fortunately protective laws have allowed for a healthy return of this bird.

This house is handmade with weather and insect resistant western red cedar. Almost all of the screws are stainless steel. These are used for their durable and rust-free nature. The one exception is a specially coated screw located at the bottom center of the front. This piece is used for ease in removal to clean and mount the birdhouse. Other features incorporated into this box are: vents, for good air circulation; a drain hole, in case water gets inside; and a rough "ladder" for the fledglings to use to climb out.

These boxes are only available by special order at the current time. Please call us for any questions you may have, or to order one of these boxes.

Wood Duck House
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