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Flycatcher HouseFlycatcher

There are ten common species of flycatcher. Flycatchers come to live and breed during the summer, however the great crested is a year round resident of South Florida. Flycatchers chatter and squeal like a mouse. Their habitat used to be in the old trees of thick forests. Over the past decade forests have been cut down, forcing the birds to adjust to orchards, thinned wood lots, and more succesfully, birdhouses. The nests of the great crested are interesting. They use any materials: leaves, twigs, bark, roots, grass, and usually snakeskin. It is thought that the bird's habit of weaving a shed snakeskin into it's nest is a trick intended to scare off predators. Their diet consists of grasshoppers, ants, fruit, and berries. They also eat flying insects and bees, which they catch in mid-air.
This house is handmade with weather and insect resistant western red cedar. Almost all of the screws are stainless steel. These are used for their durable and rust-free nature. The one exception is a specially coated screw located at the bottom center of the front. This piece is used for ease in removal to clean and mount the birdhouse. Other features incorporated into this box are: vents, for good air circulation; a drain hole, in case water gets inside; and a rough "ladder" for the fledglings to use to climb out.

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