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Chickadee HouseBlack capped chickadee

There are 5 known speices of chickadee. Chickadees roost and forage in flocks of 8-12 birds. Searching for food in groups increases the chances for sucess. They spend most of their time fliting through trees and shrubs hunting for insect eggs and pupae. Banding together also helps them look out for predators. The first one to spot danger gives a warning note telling the whole flock to freeze. Then they all chatter from every direction. This activity confuses the predator and it moves on. Other birds such as titmice, nuthatches, kinglets, warblers, and creepers often travel with chickadee flocks, benefiting from their defense system.

This house is handmade with weather and insect resistant western red cedar. Almost all of the screws are stainless steel. These are used for their durable and rust-free nature. The one exception is a specially coated screw located at the bottom center of the front. This piece is used for ease in removal to clean and mount the birdhouse. Other features incorporated into this box are: vents, for good air circulation; a drain hole, in case water gets inside; and a rough "ladder" for the fledglings to use to climb out.

Chickadee House...................$30.00 Plus $5.00 Shipping
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