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Now With Chain Hangers
No More Ropes To Break!!

Featured in the March/April Wild Bird Magazine.

Screen Feeder
Screen Feeder

Detail Of Medallions
4 Different Critters On Each Feeder

Shiny BrownIron Ore
Shiny Brown or Iron Ore
Specify Color When Ordering Or We Pick

This bird feeder is handmade with weather and insect resistant western red cedar. All of the screws are stainless steel. These are used for their durable and rust-free nature. The screen is made of super strong, all-weather, perforated aluminum. Now with chain, no more ropes to break. The open-air design allows seed to dry quickly, limiting the growth of bacteria, which can harm birds. This bird feeder may also be used to hold stale bread, vegetable scraps, containers of peanut butter, or suet blocks. Many birds appreciate this varied diet.

12"x12" Screen Bird Feeder
$30.00+$7.00 Shipping

Fruit Bird Feeder

Fruit Feeder

This is a neat feeder for fruit loving birds including cardinals, bluebirds, orioles, and cedar waxwings. It also makes a wonderful companion to our screen feeder.

Fruit Feeder
$15.00+ $4.00 Shipping


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