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 Bat Approved Bat Houses

Only models earning the Bat Conservation International "Bat Approved" certification may use this logo. Our bat houses have been evaluated by BCI's Bat House Certification Program, and earned "Bat Approved" certification.


Bats Bat HousesBats

There are 45 species of bats that live in the United States. Although there are many myths, bats are shy, timid and very beneficial. They eat 33% - 100% of their body weight in insects every night. That's 500 - 1000 mosquitoes, moths, stinkbugs, leafhoppers or other horticultural pests removed per hour, by one bat, per night, depending on the time of year. Our bat houses are great for residential, agricultural, commercial, and institutional purposes in all areas of the country.

Bat Houses Hand Made Of Western Red Cedar And Stainless Steel

3 Chamber Nursery Bat House
Featured in Organic Style Magazine, May 2004
Large Bat House

Close up of Medallion
Bat House Medallion
20"x30"x5 1/2"......................$170.00 plus $30.00 shipping Con. U.S.

Local pick up by appointment and delivery available, call (386)-860-5021 for details.

2 Chambered Nursery Bat House

This is our new design for somone who may be a novice, or just nervous about attracting bats. It will house a smaller colony, about half, of the 3 chamber bat house. Made of the same western red cedar and stainless steel as the larger bat house.

@ Chamber Bat House
15 1/2"x30"x4"..........................$120.00 plus $23.00 shipping Con. U.S.

Local pick up by appointment and delivery available, call (386)-860-5021 for details.

Bat Exclusion Information
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No pressure treated wood, no plywood! We don't use them in the construction of our bat houses because they don't stand up to the environment, and because of the possible problems that may be associated with chemicals used to treat the wood. We believe that the materials that we use are the best choice available for the construction of our products. We use western red cedar for the qualities it possesses, extreme rot resistance, naturally insect resistant, lighter in weight than pine or plywood for easier mounting, stays very stable when exposed to the environment, extremely low odor, and it comes from the mill already very rough. There is more than one kind of cedar and we have had discussions about this with others that claim cedar is wrong for bat houses. They often confuse the "closet" type cedar which is eastern red, with what we use. Western red cedar costs more but in the long run it means low to no maintenance because of it's qualities. Bat Conservation International, who certifies our bat houses, recommends the use of durable woods such as cedar.

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