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 Bat Approved Bat Houses

Only models earning the Bat Conservation International "Bat Approved" certification may use this logo. Our bat houses have been evaluated by BCI's Bat House Certification Program, and earned "Bat Approved" certification.


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About Nature's Friend™
Bob & Shana Sjoberg

For the past sixteen years we have called Central Florida home. Most of those years we have been involved in public education and the preservation of Florida's plants and wildlife through the Master Gardener Program. During that time we have seen the need for weather resistant bird houses, bird feeders, and bat houses. We believe that we meet this need by providing high quality materials and craftsmanship, so that you may have a long lasting wildlife sanctuary in your own back yard.
Nature's Friend products have appeared in Organic Gardening, Organic Style, and Wild Bird Magazine. Feature articles have been written in The Daytona Beach News Journal, The Orlando Sentinel and The Deltona, Orange City, DeBary Forum. A reprint of the Sentinel article appeared in Paraplegia News

All houses are suitable in any area of the country where a species exists.

All of our products are constructed of western red cedar and stainless steel or plated hardware. Each is made by hand in limited amounts. Orders are filled as soon as we can get them built and shipped. This may take as little as a week depending on the time of year and stock on hand. We try to keep at least 2 of each item in stock.

A note about pressure treated wood.

There is a concern about the potentially toxic chemicals that are contained in pressure treated woods. We don't use it, we never will. We believe that the materials that we use are the best choice available for the construction of our products. We use western red cedar for the qualities it possesses, extreme rot resistance, naturally insect resistant, lighter in weight than pine or plywood for easier mounting, stays very stable when exposed to the environment, extremely low to no odor, and it comes from the mill already very rough. Western red cedar costs more but in the long run it means low to no maintenance because of it's qualities.

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