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Flicker HouseFlicker

Northern flickers have a broad range throughout North America, but their appearance differs in various regions. In the east the flicker has yellow under its wings and tail, and a black moustache. This large, striking bird is an oddball kin to woodpeckers. It spends much of its time on the ground searching for insects, fallen fruit, seeds, and above all for ants. Flickers consume more ants than any other North American bird. Its tongue extends three inches beyond the tip of its beak, making ant collecting very easy. Although they still utilize trees for nesting, flickers have adapted to farmlands, parks, and other more open habitats. In addition to nest boxes they also burrow into fence posts, utility poles, barn sides, or under the eaves of houses. In the southwest they even make use of saguaro cactus.
This house is handmade with weather and insect resistant western red cedar. Almost all of the screws are stainless steel. These are used for their durable and rust-free nature. The one exception is a specially coated screw located at the bottom center of the front. This piece is used for ease in removal to clean and mount the birdhouse. Other features incorporated into this box are: vents, for good air circulation; a drain hole, in case water gets inside; and a rough "ladder" for the fledglings to use to climb out.

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